Sunday, October 10, 2010

Foot Village - Lovers with Iraqis - Video

Los Angeles based Foot Village has always been more than just a band. From the visceral, gestural, and cathartic experience of their live show to their product packaging, the band has always challenged expectations. Their video for the 7" 'Lover's with Iraqis' goes beyond the typical form of a music video. Rather than creating a video juxtaposed with the form of the song as whole, producer Rob Heppell has made a video cut on the drum strikes and the raw nature of the sound. Go to the vimeo page to read the directors notes about the concept of the video.

Foot Village's last video for "Anti-Magic" took similar approach but with a completely different subject matter and spirit. This a really fun video that captures another aspect of Foot Village. Seizure warning on both videos. 

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