Friday, June 25, 2010

Circuit Bending on New Histories for New Times! - 9th Floor Radio Show

I was on Ben Sinclair's experimental  9th Floor Radio talk show "New Histories for New Times" and circuit bended a toy drum live. Circuit bending is when you take an old electronic instrument or toy, and short circuit  it to discover new sounds, and eventually create a "new" instrument. You may have seen Altered Beats on this blog.

The demo includes my personal history with circuit bending, and how you can get started. The live bend gives you a taste of the process. If you want to circuit bend you can, it's very easy. To learn how to circuit bend visit .

Overall this New Histories adventure was particularly extreme. It began with JaMile Jackson's album Experience and an explanation of the states of consciousness it evokes using alpha, beta, gamma, and theta frequencies. And after the live bend we we read an unpolished script I had just written the night before, radio play style! Tired of hearing about it yet? Listen to it already-

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Photos by Melissa Dale Neal