Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cardboard Transmissions Episode 10

Episode 10 features Pine, Chen Santa Maria, Daddy Crimbo, and Max Forman. The genres in this episode go from acousmatic/tape  folk to noise to balls-out rock and ends with a beautiful ambient composition. CBT is produced by Adam Harms. This episode is the last of Cardboard Transmissions ever. New and Improved™ Cardboard Transmissions, coming soon(ish)!

Total Running Time - 14.5 mins

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Play Order:
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1. Pine - Syntax
2. Chen Santa Maria - Demo
3. Daddy Crimbo - The Thirsty Continent
4. Max Foreman - Deep Freeze

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quarts crystal moon squadron said...

what's the new format gonna be?

Adam Harms said...

Still playing around with ideas but probably two types of episodes-

Mini eps featuring only two songs and probably no narration.

And eps featuring songs from only one artist interspersed with interviews/documentarian type stuff.

Possible some live recordings.

The current format was feeling a little stale for me, so I need to change it up. Thanks for your interest!