Friday, February 19, 2010

Swanifant - Wilder web release

Swanifant's new album is completed and released to the web for your enjoyment by Sonic Experimental Labs. We here at Official Inc. are big fans of Swanifant and have included them in podcasts and covered their various exploits in the past. 

Preview Wilder

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cardboard Transmissions ep 9

Episode 9  features three bands from around the San Francisco Bay Area, one from Oklahoma City, and one from Los Angeles. The genres in this episode range from Neo-New Wave to acoustic guitar, from Surf-y Soulful Rock n Roll to scientific beats. CBT is produced by Adam Harms, and updated monthly-ish.

Total Running Time - 18.5 mins

Download Here (Right Click Save As)

Play Order:
Click the artist's names for more music/info

1. Kite Flying Robot - Solid Gold
2. Shannon and the Clams - When You're On
3. Telegram Samune mélodie à la guitare
4. JaMieBux - Calirock
5. Spider  - Untitled

(Intro music - "Electric Enchantment" by Mecha-Shiva)

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Subscribe to this podcast with iTunes

If you have any music you'd like to contribute to Cardboard Transmissions, where ever you are, email us at

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lil Ben Videos and Music Downloads

Hugs For $, Love For Free

Close Ranks

Lil Ben is a smokin' Oakland artist who makes elaborate trance inducing sound-scapes, as well as toe-tapping, knee-slapping flith-pop hits. You may remember him from episodes five and two of our podcast. Two of his must-listen eargasmic releases are available for free download below, courtesy of Sonic Experimental Laboratories.

Download the Albums: