Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cardboard Transmissions ep 4

cardboard transmissions is a bay area independent music podcast with lots of different genres hosted by Adam HarmsEpisode 4 of Cardboard Transmissions features six artists from around the San Francisco Bay Area. The genre of each song is different. The first half of this episode is more frantic and the second half is relaxed. Produced by Adam Harms and updated sporadically.
Total Running Time - 21.4 mins

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Play Order:
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1. Battle Hooch - Special Place

2. Zenrootin - iPod Song (City of the Asleep remix)

3. Nero's Day at Disne(y)land - Stretched Linen Over Contorted Bodies

4. Spencer Owen - Biker with a Death Wish

5. Adam and Jesse: MIDI - The Cereal Song

6. Eric Crawford - Organ Jam

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Something for Everyone

Jesse Elias (that's me) performing at the swanky Bliss Bar in beautiful San Francisco. Watch me curse, stammer, and drunkenly stumble through my delivery while staring way too long at the notes on my rubber gloves (I'm sick of writing on my hand, can you dig it?) Camerawork and 90% of audience laughter is credit to Adam Harms.