Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Annual Official Inc Caption Contest

A caption contest, a caption contest!

Submit comment to this post suggesting a caption to any of the following pictures. The best entry will receive a mystery prize pack. Lack of participation and/or quality entries will result in the contest being killed off and discontinued forever.

3. 4.


yahstay said...

#1 Respect my fingerpaint!

#2 OH MY GAWD! Ma done gone and fed me the acid again!

#3 Fantastic hair and one tragic skin problem.

#4 The Mything Teeth

4 is an inside joke but still means something as far as the picture is concerned. Sorry they are stupid I made them up very quickly.

Adam Harms said...

I thought those were pretty good... It's kinda hard to do...

Adam Harms said...

ok here are my attempts

#1 "What? Yeti's don't exist! Skwaa!"

#2 "The colors, kid! The colors!" - Duke is finally able to have the "Lick a Color" Popsicle experience.

#3 Everyone else was having a really nice time.

#4 This studious tooth has the best teeth in the mouth...

BENZAi said...

all four of these are a fucking nightmare.
1."megafauna stroke"
2."put them back in your head stupid. i'm sorry you have paws instead of hands."
3."worse than kids in the hall"
4. "this is what happens when you turn seventy and you discover the back of one tooth that you never brushed. "