Thursday, April 9, 2009

A General Dislike of Poetry

I'll be the first to admit that poetry is one of my least favorite forms of artistry, either to make or be subjected to. This being said, here are a few poems I have written.

Poetry Courtesy of Webster
By Dusty Heaton

Please, come sophisticate me
with your sophomoric reverie.
Take time to unwind your cluttered
mind, in front of me preferably.
My infantile craving certainly
can't be quenched yet.
The paucity of clarity
is clearly my excuse.

I want to pray to a golden god,
Just so I could have a heart to heart with Jesus.
My infidelity surely won't be forgiven this time.
Me, with my spindling, spineless frame.
I've reached my terminus,
just let me theorize with the time I have.

Survival is my courtesan to court.
I want to galvanize my body,
send my neurons on vacation.
I suppose I'm willing to accept
what I've become, in fact I can't
wait to see what else the angels
have in store for me.
Oh, by the way, tell Jesus
he's not in the dictionary.


Hey Mister
Can I come in
I've been waiting so long

Zephyr blows me
In a new direction
Wander my way through time

Stigmatize my very being
Make me a black king
Hey Mr. Calamity
Make me part of your dream

Spiders whisper
In my ear
Telling me secrets about the ocean

And whales sing
To their forgotten children

A union of significance
A brotherhood of sheep
A harbinger of my destruction
I hope this doesn't leak

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Adam Harms said...

I love this line: "send my neurons on vacation" :D