Friday, April 10, 2009

Cardboard Transmissions Episode 1

A music based podcast featuring inventive artists around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. The genre of the music featured varies from song to song. Hosted by Adam Harms and updated sporadically.

The first episode of Cardboard Transmissions is full of awesome new music from independent artists around the Bay Area, and one from Philly! No one of the songs in this episode really fit into the same genre. The first half is electronic based, ranging from chip tunes to noise and hip-hop. The second half is less electronic and more spiritual.
Total Running Time - 19.5 mins

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Featured Artists:
1. City of the Asleep - No Mean5 Go

2Jesse Elias - Theme Song for an 8bit TV Show

3. Mincemeat or Tenspeed - Guns 'N Rosa

4. Pop Demon - Retail Water Trap

5. John Staedler - Filling with Light

6. Swanifant - Steps

7. Brass Knobs - Triassic Period

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Spinach said...

Wow that intro is annoying, couldn't couldcouldcouldcouldcouldcouldcouldcouldcouldcouldcoudln't
makemakemake make it make it makemakemake it past that annoying crap.

yahstay said...

I for one liked the intro, you know because it was inventive and you did something. Patience is a virtue.