Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This is Free Dirt. I will credit Alex, Craig, and Ian on this one. I know them together, so they get their props together. First off, this is a Brain Drain production, a crew formed out of Baltimore Maryland. This is only the intro part to the video, (whose entirety is available on youtube). It is a blend of media formats ranging from 3 chip hi quality death lens digital video film, to low fi pocket recorders. Artsy, scattered, and fucking fun!! I highly recommend watching the whole piece. The skating featured is shred-worthy and I even have the first trick in the west coast wookies friends section!!! thanks guys!!! It's got that nostalgic documentary feel with good footy from S.F., Oakland, Albany, Baltimore and other east and west coast spots. My favorite part goes to Steve Strand!! Now go watch it, then go skate!!!!!!

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