Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wataru is going back to Japan

I met Wataru Nakamura at the california college of arts and crafts. we both had studios on campus in san francisco and everytime i went there to paint, he would be there painting as well. I have a feeling now that all the times i wasn't there, he was there painting. He is a surfer, sushi maker, and a most talented artist in all respects. Now he's going back home to Japan, and this shall be posted in his honor. You can see his paintings and drawings on his new website or if you come to my house you will find "cheeseburger" and "sleep through" in my collection. I am currently holding on to "my dome" which you can see on his site. That painting is potentially on sale to the highest bidder so, take a look and contact me if you are interested in owning an original painting by Wataru. His paintings wander into the ethereal possibilities of acrylic/oil based atmospheres, often times locating small figures in fantastic and vaporous realms. The colors and textures promote slight hallucinatory effects when viewed correctly. Overall, his paintings are heavyweight, hand crafted, thick and skilled pastures that turn weightless when passing from your hands to your eyes. The above painting is called "California Sushi Wave/should i stay or should I go". We'll miss you my friend. Travel Well ! ! ! !

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Anonymous said...

-- Wataru!

Very very interested in what makes the fishes swim..

.. and he will return someday to tell us all about it.