Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Grand Croutons - Short Film

-Part One-

-Part Two-

Run time: 20 min

A movie about a restaurant feud between the "Yellow Jacket" Lounge, and the Maroon Lagoon. At the Maroon Lagoon, employees are slacking, foreign dignitaries are rampaging, and the food isn't quite ready. Meanwhile, a spy posing as the entertainment plans to poison a desert bound for a very rich, very powerful, and very strange customer. Will the Maroon Lagoon be in ruin?

This short film was produced by James De Loza and Adam Harms, with an original score by Jesse Elias. This surreal melodrama will have you laughing, confused, and never bored. Dive into restaurant politics in another dimension. A different sort of "Comedy of Manners"


Written and Directed - James De La Loza and Adam Harms
Original Score - Jesse Elias
Costumes - Ashley Rogers
Song Vocals - Danny Echevarria and Amirose Eisenbach
Lighting - Ian Paul
Production - James De La Loza and Adam Harms

(in order of appearance)

The Chef - James De La Loza
The Chef's Assistant - Ben Samuel
Wally Perkins - Brett Wiltshire
Dusty Sanders - Dusty Heaton
The Man of Bad Manners - Ian Pines
The Translator - Nathan Kosta
The Hungry Ghost - Adam Harms
Cherry - Ashley Rogers
Nappy - Nick Dickson
Barry the Manager - Dan Mack
Francis Squash - Adam Harms
The Drug Dealer - James De La Loza
The Drug Dealer's Apprentice- Sandra Markarian
Thomas Scheckellberger - Jesse Elias
Mom- Celia Harms
Kid- Adam Harms
Porno Guy- Jesse Elias
Stella Davenport- Monica Avellino

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