Sunday, August 17, 2008

Georgian Bigfoot Hoax Actually a Cover Up

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Georgian Bigfoot Hoax Actually a Cover Up
By Pal Paxius

Right: Photograph of alleged Georgian Bigfoot.

It was a suspiciously slow news day in Palo Alto when two hacks from Atlanta made a stink about a poorly conceived Bigfoot yarn. Go to Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer's “Bigfoot Tracking Website” (, and you are accosted by Reggaeton music, a video playing, a flashing tree background, text in all caps and hideous web design. This site is offensive and abrasive on all fronts. It is clear that this is not the work of serious professionals. These men are compromising countless individual's research of merit, but is there something even more insidious going on?

The offending site.

A Testament to the Legitimacy of their claims.

Rick Dyer was a corrections officer and an army ranger, which means he has an L Chip installed, and he could be easily controlled by the Department of Homeland Security's Invisible branch. While Matt Whitton is an officer who is on leave from a gunshot wound. He most likely received his implant at the hospital following the gunshot.

This sham is definitely meant to divert our attention from a much juicer scandal.

I have a few theories-

  • DHSi captured the real Bigfoot, alive, probably deep within the caves of Mount St. Helen's. What better way to discredit a whistle blower than spread an unbelievable mockery of the truth?
  • The 8th Coming of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, again in Silicon Valley. Although there hasn't been a good “Xth Coming of Ra” in a while.

  • Loose Alien Hypnotist. It could be that the government ties are a red herring.

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