Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Lonely Night - Short Story by Adam Harms

It was a lonely September night. The neighborhood was covered by a globe of silence, excluding the soft sounds of secretion from the backyard next door, and the occasional scurry of an insect believed to be bigger than a button.

Despite my little friend I was alone. Attempting to seek companionship, I looked for him, he could offer me something that no man could.

Under the refrigerator perhaps? Or undetectable, skittering about the insides of the walls… I… can I hear him? I try but all is drowned out by the beating of my blood red heart in my breast.

“Ooh!” I cried…

God I am so alone.

I feel my knees collapse beneath me and I lie on the kitchen floor sobbing.

“Why? Oh why, am I condemned to this lifeless, lonely, listless, life?” I sobbed.

Sob, sob, sob, sob, sob, sob. I just wish I had some one to go to bed to or maybe even with.

It was then that I realized that I was laying in a pool of bleach. The stinging became quite unbearable, and I jumped to my feet screaming. The bleach had soaked through my new clothes and was searing my flesh! I flailed my arms back and forth, up and down. My left reached behind my back and clutched onto my new fifty dollar blouse, tearing it off as I wriggled to free myself from my skirt. It finally gave, ripping the fabric into pieces and leaving me shivering in my choanies. It still burnt, like fire ants crawling inside the lining of my underwear trying to infiltrate my body, so I pulled at the under wire of my bra stretching the elastic taut and finally shattering the little plastic snatches. I then reached down and pulled off my panties so fast I forgot to lift out my legs, and I toppled over, my ass and back smashing against the tile floor. I felt dizzy. I felt cold. And naked….

I am naked.

I could feel my back molding to the chilled tiles and I just lay there staring at the vast white ceiling of my kitchen. I let out a scream! And then yell… followed by a soft cry as I shift slightly to my side. I laid on my side drearily for about seven minutes, tweeking my nipple and wondering why I am naked.

God I am so alone. Alone and naked. God I am so alone and naked. Tired too. When did I become tired?

As I started to get up my skin was still tingling. I stood up and made my way down the lonely hall to my lonely room. My naked palm clutched the cold knob like so many times before. I then turned it and opened the door, rushing to my bed, I only thought of sleeping to end this dreadful night. I jumped onto the king sized bed face up, but something was amiss. It felt less bouncy than before and the mattress didn’t give like it usually would. I bobbed up and down on top of my sea blue covers on every bounce feeling the strange resistance, almost like something else was on the bed.

Curiously I looked over to the other side of my perfectly made bed only to be met by a sight that made my lips part to give way to a shriek of sheer horror. There was a man sitting Indian style on my bed staring at me. He was an African American man with skin so dark it was almost blue, but the shape of his features were strikingly Japanese.

I could feel my high C screams vibrating in my nasal passages and my eyeballs clicking about as I violently shook my head.

This can’t be happening…

Suddenly in mid gyration my eyes caught his, screeching all the while. I hadn’t noticed the bright greenness of his eyes before, glowing almost warmly. It was then that I also noticed his straight perfectly combed strawberry blonde hair.

“Don’t be afraid” he said in a flowing smooth baritone.

I was so terrified I leaped onto those things I walk and stand on and stepped rapidly in place on top of the bed. I covered my nude bits with my shaking hands and arms as I let out two and a half second cries at seven second intervals. I did this for about four minutes and forty-five seconds until my voice became hoarse and faded away.

He had been staring at me all the while until my yelping had subsided. It was then that he said,

“You are safe, no one will hurt you,” in that flattened out rumbling smooth voice, like the bass line from an 80s song.

I cry, squeaking at the tippy-top of my lungs and forgetting I was on my bed, I leaped back. When I realized that I had lost my balance I also realized that I was falling, and my back smashed into the lamp on the nightstand, sending that giver of light flying to the floor. I heard the sound of it’s porcelain dividing into an infinite amount of pieces as my body slid off the edge of my nightstand until my skull and shoulder blades made a loud thunk against the cardboard thin layer of carpet lain over cement.

Ow. Everything’s black, oh god what’s happening? Oh wait… my eyes are closed. I better open them...

…And when I opened my eyes to my horror he was standing over me, strattling me right over my pelvis. I let out a soft cry when I realized that he was naked too! Or was he?

No… he was wearing a flesh-colored body suit! No… he was butt-naked! I couldn’t really tell.

“I have never seen any one fall in such an arch-like, flipping motion,” he hummed, “ I am here to help you.”


I moaned. My chest heaved attempting to create suction to fill my lungs with air. All the screaming, screeching, and yelping was getting very tiring, but what was I to do?

Ah… Air…

It tasted sweet and soothed my esophagus as it rushed through. It was so silent.

Enough breathing, here is the time for listening…

I listened and heard nothing, not even my little skittering friend. Everything is black! Then I had the strangest sensation of my body yearning for something, it was almost painful, it was painful, a swelling pain welling up in my throat… I needed something! Air! I opened my eyes and gasped for breath. The first thing my eyes saw was my room, and the first thing my brain noticed was that the strange man had disappeared. I was overwhelmed with sadness, and I sobbed with lonely grief. God, I was so alone.

“God! I am so alone!” I cried to the ceiling through my sobs.

God... I'm so alone

That was it. No more… I was defeated. So I went to my dresser and put on some pajamas, and marched to my bed to hide beneath the still taut, fluffy covers.

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