Thursday, July 31, 2008

Les Liaisons - An Adventure in Bourgeoisie Excess - Videogame

"Paris, 1825. You are a rustic lad from Normandy, freshly arrived to the city. Although crude in appearance, you are well-read and versed in the refinement of high society. Your task is to metamorphose your facade into that of a distinguished gentleman and infiltrate the most prominent social circles in Paris."

This release by Team Prolific Virtue is not to be missed. Experience 19th Century social climbing in this unique RPG game. Produced by Jesse Elias and Dave Hansen

For Windows 95/NT/ME/XP/Vista Only

Additional Screenshot:


Golna said...

where did you find this? this game is the shit! it needs to be expanded.

Adam Harms said...

This is no find, it is an Official Incorporated exclusive! You can thank comedian Jesse Elias ( ) and David Hansen for this masterful creation.